FAQ’s / Bonuses

How can I lower the rates with you?

NIGHTS 5+ offer If you stay 5-13 nights in one of our apartments we lower the price by 10% from the first night.

NIGHTS 14+ offer If you stay 14 or more nights in one of our apartments we lower the price by minimum 20% from the first night.

SENIOR 50+ offer If you are senior aged of 50+ we would like to express our high appreciation for choosing our apartment and offer 5% cut on your room rate.

EARLY BOOKING+ offer If you plan and take care of your travel and lodging well in advance we take care of the economic rental fee. If we confirm your reservation at least 60 days prior to the arrival day we cut 5% of your bill.

DENT+ offer If you spend your time in Budapest with undertaking a dental treatment we offer 5% room-rate reduction.

CORPORATE+ offer If your company hires experts from abroad and you need to find accommodation for them contact us. In our central 1-room serviced (no meals) apartments we provide the ADSL internet access point. Make frequent reservations and according to the cumulated number of nights within a year we give you 20-40% cut on price. (This offer cannot be taken with other price cuts.)

Notes: NIGHTS 5+, 14+ and EARLY BOOKING+ offers will be applied automatically when we set up the quotation for you; in case of wishing to take the advantage of SENIOR 50+, DENT+ and CORPORATE+ or Hungary Card, please, mark them in your reservation request. The above rate offers are valid until recall and applicable for direct reservations through this website only. «back to FAQs index»

What amenities do you offer in your studios? Are they all free?

You pay a little surcharge for the air-conditioning if you choose a studio with air-con; but all the other amenities are included in rates given above. Internet access in room, soundproofed windows, well-equipped kitchen, final cleaning, refreshing cleanings after every 5-7 nights, non-smoking rooms, hot water 24/7, bedclothes and sheets (changed at the time of cleanings), towels (changed regularly; after 3-4 nights), hard wood parquet, iron, ironing board, laundry room, colour TV (international channels), bathroom with shower, hair-dryer, large wardrobe, coathangers, pots and pans, fridge, microwave oven, radio alarm clock, writing desk, maps, late arrival (must be arranged well in advance)

Can I reserve an air-conditioned studio? How much is it?

Yes. Just mark this option in your reservation request. Most of our studios have air-conditioner but some do not. To ensure that you will have one with air-con, please, require it at the very first time you contact us because later we can’t guarantee any air-conditioned studios available for you. When choosing aircon you also accept to pay a little surcharge for it; 6 euros per night per studio.

This additional rate will not be subject of any reductions. Heating always included in the price so you just pay for cooling in the Summer from April earliest until October latest depending on the outer temperature. When the daily outer temperature maximum is under 20 Celsius degree the air-conditioning is not available.

Are you in the city centre?

Centrally located apartments thus you can reach all the famous places (Parliament — 5 stops by bus 15, National Museum, Váci Street, Central Market and River Danube — 5 minutes on foot, Gellért Hotel & Bath — 2 stops by tram 47 etc.) in Budapest in 25 minutes even on foot. The closest metro station is at Kalvin Square in 150 metres.

Is it self-catering or serviced accommodation?

Self-catering apartment as we do not serve any kind of meals but you will find a well-equipped kitchen(ette) in your studio. We clean your apartment frequently if you stay longer than 6 days (final cleaning also included). Our colleague on duty will help you with most issues everyday (a couple of hours mostly daytime). We help you to operate the washing machine and your clothes will dry under your inspection in your studio apartment. So we would say we offer semi-serviced accommodation as we do not have staff on scene non-stop.

Is it a hotel or a multi-flat house?

A multi-flat house where you can experience the real life in Budapest. And also you are supposed to live the local life and keep the order of the house. The building itself is an old one built in the 1920s. You will have a really strong impression when you enter the gateway from the street and you can get in touch with the past 80 years of Hungary.

What is your children and family policy?

Children under 14 stay for free even if sleeping in a baby-cot or with their parents or on an extra bed. On request we provide baby-cot, baby-bath and high baby-chair. Children of age under 14 must be stated with exact age in your reservation request. Only persons over 18 can rent an apartment (an adult must sleep in the apartment; children under 18 cannot be without parental supervision). 

What public transport facilities can I take in Budapest to your apartment?

Metro, bus, tram, trolley bus. If you travel by the following vehicles you can be sure that you find a stop (Kalvin Square) very close to our apartment. Metro 3 and 4, tram 47, 48 and 49, bus 9 and 15 and trolley bus 83 — and with a 5 minute short walk from tram 4, 6 and 2 (by River Danube)

Do you organize airport pick-up to the apartment?

The extra service of pick-up would make the transfer cost higher for youso we recommend the public transportation: take 200 bus (to/from all terminals at BUD Ferihegy – Liszt Ferenc airport) or 93 bus (to/from Terminal 1) to the final stop where you can change to the metro for 8 stops; it costs you 2 single tickets and takes no more than 80 minutes.

At Ferihegy – Liszt Ferenc Terminal 1 you can take a train too (to Nyugati pu. railway station in the centre). The train runs in 10-50 minutes. From Nyugat pu. you can travel on Metro Line 3.

If you prefer comfort you can have a taxi: you will be in the city in 30 minutes or shorter for 21 EUR (Fo Taxi charge fixed price of 5800 HUF for max. 4 persons)

How can I use my portable computer in the room?

In all rooms we provide internet (ADSL) connection to your own notebook. You are responsible for all the settings to make your device adapted to our local area network (firewall settings, other security settings, etc.). We are giving you the IP address and DNS numbers if needed but usually the automatic settings can be maintained on most computers. You can use our internet service at your own risk as we do not take the responsibility for any data loss or damage.

The internet usage is not limited in time and free of charge. If you generate strong traffic that takes up the capacity of our network we can restrict your access to it — in the interest of our other guests — (usual activity such as e-mail sending/receiving and browsing are allowed and extreme file down/upload may be restricted). We do not take the responsibility for the internet service temporarily unavailable; we report the error to the internet service provider. We can provide LAN-cable